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His And Hers Promise Rings: right or left?

First, no matter how your home country handles the issue of ring wear, you are free to decide on how to wear your rings. Wedding traditions are beautiful and can provide a sense of direction however they are not intended to restrict you in your choice.

Engagement ring right or left?

Tradition in Germany

In Germany, the wedding ring is traditionally worn on the finger that is worn by the right hand since it is considered to be the "righteous" one. The engagement ring is typically worn on the left. And in Austria, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine and Bulgaria, these are also the most popular ways of wearing it.

Do you want to wear the wedding ring and proposal ring ring on the same finger? You are not alone in this. Over the past few years, it has become increasingly popular in this country to add the engagement ring to the wedding ring after the wedding as a side ring. If you are looking to make this a combination, either the proposal ring is transferred from the left hand to the right hand and then to the wedding band after the wedding or it is worn from the beginning. This is especially useful in cases where the circumference of both hands is slightly different, meaning that changing the size of the ring would require changing the ring size when changing from one finger to the other.

The importance of wearing your engagement rings to the left

In a majority of countries in the world, including Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the USA the wedding ring is usually placed on the left on the left side of the heart. The engagement ring often remains in place after the wedding. The ancient Egyptians and the ancients had a custom when wearing the ring they believed that the "vena amoris" which translates to "veins of love" that flowed directly from the left ring to the heart. Wearing the ring on this finger had an important symbolic meaning.

However, most brides and grooms also choose the left side because of less romantic reasons: for some people who put a lot of strain on their right hand during their day-to-day work routine, a wedding ring left-handed is an easy choice and wear on the precious metal may be minimized.

The trends in wedding rings for 2024 at Fischer: Individuality and personality

Wedding rings this year reflect two main trends: individuality and personality. More couples are choosing rings that are unique and not "off-the-shelf".

As a leading wedding ring maker, Fischer Wedding Rings has recognized the trend and developed the unique caramel gold alloy. Inspired by the color and a symbiosis of caramel, this distinct golden shade gives wedding rings an ethereal look. Its soft shine evokes a sun-drenched afternoon when gentle light rays illuminate the world with an ethereal golden glow. This makes the caramel gold a wonderful choice for jewelry, and particularly wedding rings.

Soul Band model

In the Fischer Soul Band wedding ring model, artistically intertwined wedding rings with different surface designs are joined to create a unique piece jewelry. This masterpiece is a symbol of harmony and connection, and perfectly represents the fashion of 2024.

Model Dune Shine

This handcrafted ring model is known as Dune Shine and impresses with its striking surface. The ladies' ring has five diamonds set in a gorgeous way (total 0.03ct. G/si) to emphasize its beauty and majesty.

Personal engraving

However, wedding rings made of caramel gold can only get personal when they are personalised with an engraving. The bride and the groom can choose from a range of engravings including a QR code that can be used to access their website, poetry about love that is engraved on the ring of their loved ones and the music of the song they sing, coordinates of their first meeting, or any other engraving.

Rings can be assembled individually

For the most individual wedding rings, there are endless possibilities to implement your own ideas in the Konfischerator, Fischer's online ring configurator. With the Konfischerator you can create your wedding ring ideas in a unique manner with numerous design options! You can configure your wedding ring online at home as a couple or with the partner in the configurator, who provides you with excellent guidance, is completely up to you. No matter what - using the configurator, you'll be able to find your wedding ring quickly and quickly!


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